Vinyl Flooring SV8


7+1 mm di materassino XPE


Cl. 23 e 34
Gruppo T (0,7 mm)


8(0,7)x228x1800 mm




Mq/pc 2,052
Mq/bnc 106,704


Smart Vinyl by BGP respects the environment e meets the stringent requirements Europeans (CE-BFLs1)

Rigid structure

Smart Vinyl SV8 is characterised by a unique structure: the central layer is formed of a covering of PVC foam, which makes it exceptionally rigid and notably limits expansion. Its improved formula allows a more efficient laying, and makes it resistant to the limits of a classic vinyl. The SV8 flooring can be lain on a base with defects such as joints or holes with dimensions up to 5mm and a depth of 5mm.

Underlay already included

Vinyl flooring already has an underlay XPE. This is the source of many advantages: speed of installation, it is not necessary to lay an underlay before the fitting, it is already included. XPE absorbs even further the noise of footsteps, also in high traffic situations, meeting acoustic standards that have no equal.

Extra large dimensions

The new extra large format recalls the dimensions of a true parquet. The visual effect restores a sense of realism never reached before. Colours and textures refer directly to the warmth and the welcome of wood, using new materials and fitting, which are characterised by their extreme speed of laying. Convenience and care of details are at the heart of our work.

5G fitting

The fitting 5G represents a great evolution: a structure of button insertion on the heads, which give greater resistance and speed compared to the traditional systems. It is a polyhedral innovation, conceived to guarantee simplicity and efficiency over a long period. The high standard of quality thus joins with versatility, to meet every request of the client.


The innovative structure at the core of vinyl flooring SV8 allows a revolutionary dimensional stability. Laboratory tests and analyses of CATAS have certified as flooring up to 70° it renders a maximum expansion of 0.12%, allowing you to avoid unsightly cuts and joins for dilatation, also in large areas in front big windows.

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